Neglect Viagra: New erectile dysfunction GEL has the ‘preferred impact within mins’

Shares in a British pharmaceutical business have actually surged after effective tests for its fast-acting gel to deal with erectile dysfunction.

Tests with 232 men discovered the gel had the desired effect with the huge majority – 82 percent – within ten mins.

That makes the gel a severe competitor to Viagra, which generally takes HALF AN HOUR to function.

Therefore, the British maker, Future Medical, could be a line to get hold of a share of a global market for impotence treatments worth $5billion a year.

Shares in the Guildford based business more than doubled on Wednesday after it revealed information of the effective test of the gel, which is referred to as MED2002 as well as branded as Erixon.

The company claimed: ‘The rate of the beginning of action of MED2002 was quick, partly mirroring the method of application with the gel being applied straight to the penis.


 82per cent of people with mild impotence( ED) had an onset of activity within 10 mins as well as in 54per cent of moderate ED patients beginning was within 5 mins.

This quick start of action suggests that MED2002 has the capacity of being the globe’s fastest-acting treatment for ED.’

It claimed: ‘No significant safety worries were identified. No severe damaging occasions or serious negative reactions were recorded as well as there were no drop-outs from the study owing to side-effect issues. Click here:

As a result, it said the gel could be sold as an over-the-counter item as well as being offered through prescription.

President James Barker claimed: ‘We definitely assume it’s an advancement item.

‘ The essential problems with the other products are the speed of onset, all the other items require pre-planning and use no spontaneity.

‘ Erixon, however, can form part of sexual foreplay, which is extremely important for guys. We likewise have an extremely safe product, without major unfavorable occasions or effects occurring throughout the research.

‘ Our company believe this can become a first-line treatment for doctors, as topical treatments will certainly typically be the preferred front-runner item for medical professionals.’

He added: ‘This is a game-changer for us.