How to Improve Intimacy with Your Partner?

How to Improve Intimacy with Your Partner?

For most partners, routine & familiarity are the two things that can downgrade their intimacy and sex life. 

Sometimes, we are convinced with the same old positions & routines when it comes to intimacy. But the matter of fact is that there are a lot of things that can be improved. 

Men in particular can discover a lot of things to improve when it comes to their intimacy. In this way, their partner would get ultimate satisfaction as well. 

Other than this, for a change, you can watch videos intimate videos of reality kings hd together which can truly satisfy your partner. 

So, in this blog, we would share the secrets through which you can improve intimacy with your partner. Let us have a look: –

  • Enhance the sexual tools 

One of the major problems with most men is that they overestimate their male power and refuse to admit that they might have sexual limitations. 

So, in the process, they don’t use sex toys or performance enhancers in their love-making process. 

Thus, it is recommended that you use sex tools as you would get effect instantly, and at the same time, it would be quite comfortable as well. Moreover, your partner would be satisfied as well. 

  • New pleasure areas need to be discovered 

To kickstart, you can watch hd porn videos of reality kings hd with your partner. Other than this, don’t stick to the same practice or routine of lovemaking. 

You should rather explore various parts of the body that you feel are sensitive and can provide you with pleasure when stimulated in the right way. 

You can also try kissing & licking armpits, nape, navel, and ears. Other than this, do pay attention to erogenous zones as well. 

In this way, a new dimension of pleasure would come up which both you and your partner would find exciting. 

  • Fulfill fantasies of each other 

Communication is quite important when it comes to knowing the fantasy of your partner and vice versa. 

Our partner might have some kind of fantasy that needs to be fulfilled. 

You should also keep in mind that sex is perhaps a give and take process and thus pleasure should be felt by both the partners who are engaging in the act. Moreover, you should not be selfish in just fulfilling your own fantasies. 

Discover How To Sex Chat Persuasively In 3 Easy Actions

Discover How To Sex Chat Persuasively In 3 Easy Actions

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The Rules Of Hindi Sex Stories

The Rules Of Sex Stories

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Magical Thoughts Tips That can assist you Declutter Sex Movies

Magical Thoughts Tips That can assist you Declutter Sex Movies

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