Is SnapSex or SnapFuck safe? 

Tinder and other hookup apps have made our lives better. Sex and hooking up without the requirements of casual dating have made human expression and intimacy that much better. Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram make it hard to get the casual orgasm or the casual rise down below the pants. One of the growing ways to send sexts rather than the old fashioned text message is to use instant messaging through social media services. One of these services is Snapchat, which many people are regularly using sext others. People call it Snapsex or snap Sexting with your casual hookup friends with benefits or the guy you met at the bar that you’re DTF with.

So how does SnapSexting work? All you have to do is download the Snapchat app. Link up with friends or others that you know on the platform, making sure to be their friend on the app.

How does it work?  

When you install the app, all you need to do is load your contacts into the app. You can sext the guy you have a crush on from work, the guy across from you in class, or the co worker you have had the hots for some time. You click on their name and get ready to send them a nice sumptuous picture of your private parts. Make sure though that you’re sending it to the right person and they probably have some idea that it’s coming!

Is SnapSex or SnapFuck safe?

A fan of the old chatting and talking your partner up with some erotic lingo? You can chat anyone you want up, but the conversation is saved until the other person leaves the chat. You can sext the old fashioned way, sending a picture with a saucy message going across the front. If you’re not feeling too hot but want to get a rise out of the other person, you can send old pictures from your camera on your phone. You can send videos too, making your own homemade sex video of you masturbating to the other person. You can even live chat each other, tempting each other over the phone like a FaceTime video.

Any time you want to use Snapchat to sext, it is safe. You can cover up parts of your body with emojis or other tricks, in case you are worried that the pic will come back to haunt you. SnapSex is filled with people who want to get down and dirty just like you, but there will always be people

who make the experience worse for others. You can block other people who bother you, and limit your exposure to people that you know or want to see your dirty pictures. We do our best to make sure you know who you are sexting because Snapchat makes it very difficult to fix a mistake when you make one. Care about who you are sending your pictures too and make sure you don’t send it to the wrong person or post it for everyone to see!

Give me a few reasons to conclude why SnapSex and SnapFuck are the best.

Sex is about wanting more. Pictures disappear and you have to continue the conversation to foreplay with each other.

The pictures delete after a certain time, and if anyone tries to screenshot, you know who they are.

Not to mention you can be as naughty as you want, anywhere you want.