RealDoll’s AI doll “Harmony” smart features

We are seeing improvements in love doll technology as mature intelligent love dolls are gradually introduced. Many of the early features of love dolls will be applied to smart dolls to make them more realistic.

If you want to learn more about the smart love dolls, you can see what the first generation of smart dolls look like here.

Temperature Sensitive Heating

Love dolls with internal heating mechanisms will become a standard feature of all high quality love dolls. Love dolls have been able to fully recreate the look and feel of body organs, but according to much feedback, the dolls have had difficulty maintaining body temperature sensations. To solve this problem, some people add warm water, use warm towels or even special electric heating pads to warm up the doll.

By 2020, this will be a problem of the past and love dolls will have an internal heating system that will heat the body of the love doll from the inside out. The most common way to achieve this is with an electrical plug that extends from the back of the neck. The love doll can be preheated by simply inserting its love doll for a few minutes prior to use. When ready to use, the love doll can be unplugged, as the silicone and TPE are extremely efficient at keeping the heat in.

As self-heating love doll technology evolves, we may see battery-powered heating systems that do not require the user to plug the doll into a charging port before use. We will also see improved controls for the heating mechanism, such as an application where the user can choose the exact temperature. Ideally, the system would one day be fully automated, and when ready to use, touch-sensitive in real time it would automatically begin to preheat.

Touch Sensing

An early feature of the robot is the ability to sense when and where it is being touched. This feature will also begin to appear in love dolls. Essentially a “nervous system” embedded under the doll’s skin that is sensitive to human touch. This technology has many applications, but we first saw it being used to love dolls respond to their owners’ behavior.

For example, tactile sensors can detect intimate actions, such as kissing and touching, and then it can make receptive sounds, and the love doll will heat up.

In addition, love dolls equipped with sensors on other organs of the body will be able to “feel” the sensation, the experience is more like a two-way experience.

How will smart dolls become more realistic? For example, how will skin technology improve and we will see fewer silicone and TPE dolls. Love dolls will be made using proprietary synthetic materials. These materials will allow for better integration with technologies like touch sensors and will feel more realistic. We will begin to see the same subtle patterns, lines and textures of real skin. The robustness of the material will also depend on which part of the body it is located. For example, bones close to the skin (e.g., feet, shoulders, elbows) will feel more prominent than areas where women typically have more fat (e.g., breasts and stomachs).